Panoram releases 3D desktop LCD

Sun Valley (CA) – 3D displays are a niche market and we have no reason believe that this will change anytime soon. But the segment produces interesting devices for industry and enthusiast applications – such as the Panoram PSP 2400, a stereoscopic 24” HD 3D LCD that can be yours for the price of about three regular 30” LCDs.    

Alienware’s desktop flagships get a solid state drive option

Miami (FL) – Alienware has extended the availability of solid state disk drives (SSDs) from some of its notebooks to two of its enthusiast desktop computers. Interested users should be prepared to spend at least $6000 on such a system, excluding a monitor.      

Sony debuts 4x Blu-ray burner drive

Sony today announced the first of its second generation internal Blu-ray Disc writers for PCs, allowing BD burning of up to 4x.

Nvidia G92 GPU launch brought forward

Next-generation LCD market will go to 10G lines by 2010 and 12G lines by 2012

Sun launches UltraSparc T2 servers

Las Vegas (NV) – Sun is rolling out the first three servers based on its 64-thread UltraSparc T2 processor, previously code-named Niagara 2.    

Seagate puts 2.5” hybrid HDD into mass-production

Seagate today said that it has begun shipping its first hybrid hard drive, a device that combines standard hard drive storage technologies with NAND flash, in volume. There is still a premium to pay for these drives, but Seagate undercuts the price of its competition and expects the new model to hit the notebook mainstream soon.

Axiomtek introduces EPIC form factor motherboard

Asustek releases Xonar audio card products

1.2 GB/s SATA RAID controller announced

Highpoint announced what the firm claims to be the fastest SATA RAID controller: The Rocket RAID 2522 can deliver a sustained data transfer rate of 1.2 GB/s, according to the manufacturer.      

Hitachi unveils 100 GB Blu-ray disc

Elpida introduces 4.8 GHz XDR DRAM

Asustek launches workstation-based motherboards

ATM halted with Windows XP activation prompt

Gateway launches “Quad HD” desktop LCD

Irvine (CA) – Gateway today joined the high-end desktop LCD party with a 30” display that allows users to connect up to six video sources at the same time.      

Kingston releases DDR3-14400 memory

Kingston has increased the speed of its enthusiast DDR3 memory modules.

MSI announces AMD Barcelona motherboard and server barebone

Samsung premieres 19" LCD monitor with UbiSync technology

Taiwan handset makers reluctant to develop Intel MID products

TI shows second-generation pico-projector