AMD promises huge speed gains with new graphics driver package

AMD has released Catalyst 7.10 yesterday, which, according to the company, will speed up the gaming performance of some its graphics card configurations by up to 80%. HD 2400 and HD 2600 cards get Crossfire support.

Gigabyte unleashes X38 series motherboards

Asustek: Eee PC price no lower than $200

VIA announces VESA mounted PC for instant display systems

RF wireless gets a CMOS boost from UMC

UMC's got a brand new bag full of 65nm Radio Frequency CMOS tools. Called RFCMOS, full integration with existing silicon designs is now possible for the world of the wireless.

AMD's near future brands, speeds and timelines

Gateway offers sub-$1000 quad-core PC in retail stores

As Intel and AMD are gearing up to launch a new generation of microprocessors, the outgoing models are likely to drive the Christmas business for the PC industry. In one of the more significant trends, quad-core processors are replacing dual-core processors on the upper-end of the mainstream segment.

Intel unveils X38 chipset

MSI launches Intel X38 motherboard

NEC Display Solutions launches 42", 50" and 60" large-screen plasma displays

Ray tracing to kill off the GPU? Intel thinks yes

A blog entry at Research article has popped up which discusses the possibility of the GPU being killed in favor of the multi-core CPU.  The reason?  The CPU is much more capable at handling ray tracing operations, that graphical holy grail which take the perspective of the eye and traces the light ray back to its source.  Ray tracing is a very demanding compute load on a system.  Real-time demos have been shown running Quake IV, but it required an 8-core system to operat

FeRAM gets speed boost, lower power from new modeling

FeRAM holds significant promise for future devices, both in the areas of speed and lower power. Can this new model of the non-volatile memory be just what's needed to bring it mainstream?

Ridata jumps on SATA SSD train

Diamond Bar (CA) – Ridata is the latest company announcing a solid state disk drive. What makes Ridata’s drive unique, at least for now, is that it is actually expected to be soon available in retail and without the requirement to purchase a whole PC around it. Also, it has a SATA interface, which, unfortunately, makes the drive rather pricey.    

Google Search Appliance searches 220 file formats, adds universal search

Transcend announces 2.5” 32 GB SSD

Taipei (Taiwan) – Transcend is rolling out its second 2.5” solid state disk (SSD) drive, aiming to replace standard had disk drives in notebook computers.    

Panoram releases 3D desktop LCD

Sun Valley (CA) – 3D displays are a niche market and we have no reason believe that this will change anytime soon. But the segment produces interesting devices for industry and enthusiast applications – such as the Panoram PSP 2400, a stereoscopic 24” HD 3D LCD that can be yours for the price of about three regular 30” LCDs.    

Alienware’s desktop flagships get a solid state drive option

Miami (FL) – Alienware has extended the availability of solid state disk drives (SSDs) from some of its notebooks to two of its enthusiast desktop computers. Interested users should be prepared to spend at least $6000 on such a system, excluding a monitor.      

Sony debuts 4x Blu-ray burner drive

Sony today announced the first of its second generation internal Blu-ray Disc writers for PCs, allowing BD burning of up to 4x.

Nvidia G92 GPU launch brought forward

Next-generation LCD market will go to 10G lines by 2010 and 12G lines by 2012