Elpida and UMC jointly develop copper low-k DRAM and PRAM

MIPS differentiates 74K core from ARM Cortex-A8

Intel gives 51xx Woodcrest Xeons a new stepping

AMD manufacturing 45nm processors

AMD confirmed during its Q3 2007 conference call that it has begun producing 45 nm processors.

8.8 megapixel projectors coming to movie theaters

Park Ridge (NJ) – Sony said that it will begin installing 54 4K digital cinema projectors, each providing four times the resolution of 1080p, in U.S. movie theaters next month.    

Intel phase out of single-core desktop CPUs to begin in Q1 2008

Acer to complete integration of Gateway in March 2008

HannStar ships 15,000 28" widescreen monitor panels per month

TSMC 45nm ready for production

What it takes to become a DARPA urban challenge contender

Kokomo (IN) - When you take a small group of very smart, dedicated people, sit them around a couple of Mercury Mariner hybrid vehicles, give them a computer or two, a shoestring budget (less than $20,000) and a goal, what do you get?  Well, in this case you get the Ody-Era team located in lovely Indiana.  They're a blossoming group of teammates resolute on only one thing these days:  Building the best vehicle for the DARPA urban challenges with the resources they have at hand.

Samsung touts TV-like 16:9 notebook LCDs

Seoul (Korea) – Samsung has developed two new notebook displays that have been manufactured in a 16:9 aspect ratio, instead of the currently popular 16:10 widescreen form factor. The company also unveiled an LCD using a white LED backlight that promises to consume 40% less power than a regular LCD.    

Intel announces longer support for embedded Q35 chipset

Intel Montevina IGP claimed to be to be three times faster than GM965

Seagate to begin shipments of first notebook PC hybrid drive in October

AMD expands TV tuner offering for PC

Sunnyvale (CA) – AMD announced two new add-in cards and a new external combo tuner in its TV Wonder series, which promise to equip a PC with the capability of a high-definition digital video recorder.    

Intel: More layoffs coming

Matrox announces “low power” graphics card

Changing of the guard: Sony waxes while Apple wanes

Analyst Opinion - If you were watching these two companies over the last decade, you might wonder whether one of them was constantly giving the other either a cure or a disease. I can’t remember a time when both were at the top of their game – which is the case right now as well: In the portable music player market, Apple is weakening and Sony is suddenly looking like they are getting their game on.

Intel to launch new Core 2 Extreme CPU for Skulltrail platform

EeePC to increase Asus' industry influence?