Rambus and Intel explore potential XDR partnership

Art Lebedev to offer LED keyboards for less than $500?

Almost half a year after concluding the pre-order phase of the $1564 Optimus Maximus keyboard, Art Lebedev announced that it will be allowing customers to pre-order sub-$500 and sub-$1000 “configurations” next week. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the first LED keyboards to ship.

Samsung adds a 24” HD LCD to lineup

If you are looking for more than just a 22” LCD, but aren’t ready to jump to a $1500+ 30” monster, then a monitor such as the Samsung’s new Syncmaster 245T could be worth to look at.

Elpida announces 65 nm 1 Gb DDR2 SDRAM

Lenovo launches ThinkStation workstations

HP intros Windows Home Server systems

AMD Phenom X4 retail prices surface

If we ever had some doubt that AMD would be able to deliver its desktop quad-core processors in time for Christmas, there are now signs that a release of the CPUs may be closer than we previously thought: Several online stores have published retail prices of AMD’s new processors, indicating how AMD’s new CPUs will be competing with Intel’s Penryn processors.

Biostar launches AMD Phenom motherboard

Nvidia pitches “ESA” to monitor chassis, power supplies, water cooling

Santa Clara (CA) -  Nvidia takes the lead in a new industry initiative that aims to bring control over the performance of the overall PC chassis, power supplies and water cooling systems to high-end PCs.      

Samsung samples SATA II 64 GB SSDs

Samsung claims it is first to be shipping 64 GB flash-based solid state disk drives (SSDs) with a 3.0 Gb/s Serial ATA II interface.

ASRock to cut into mid-range and high-end motherboard markets

Advansus announces a mini-ITX motherboard based on Intel Q965 chipset

University researchers unveil tabletop dual-resolution touch screen system

Qimonda ships first GDDR5 memory devices

Qimonda said it has shipped the industry’s first 512 Mb GDDR5 samples to customers.

Acceleware rolls out Nvidia Tesla-based super computer

Nvidia’s Tesla cards are getting into gear, as Acceleware becomes one of the first companies to be offering a deskside supercomputer that can approach a performance of 2 TFlops.

Intel unveils seven new Itanium processors

Western Digital ships 320 GB notebook hard drives

Western Digital (WD) today said that it has begun shipping its 2.5” Scorpio SATA hard drives with a capacity of 320 GB.

Samsung intros three new multimedia monitors

Intel's Skulltrail enthusiast platform running at 5.0 GHz

Santa Clara (CA) – Every year, we try to spend some one-on-one time with the key companies we cover on TG Daily: Rick Hodgin is currently on a 2-day tour with Intel to find out about some of the latest products Intel is working on. The enthusiast Skulltrail motherboard with the “Seaburg” chipset. Read the latest on Intel’s first consumer dual-socket product here. 

World's most complex silicon phased-array chip developed