Qualcomm introduces 45 nm-made single chips for smartphones; makes first call with chips fabricated

iSuppli downgrades DRAM and NAND flash market rating

Infineon and Intel collaborate on HD SIM card development

Sandisk announces flash accelerator card

Sandisk announced a new NAND flash PCI Express card that is designed to hold operating system and frequently accessed files to speed up a PC.

Intel to launch Shelton'08 low-cost desktop platform next year

AMD cuts RV670 chip price

Cooler Master announces ESA certified chassis, PSU and watering cooling

LED makers deny oversupply in 2008

Qualcomm starts sampling new WCDMA chipsets

Nvidia to miss out on holiday sales

On October 29th Nvidia introduced its GeForce 8800GT targeting the mid-range enthusiast segment. Demand has been high and within days the shelves of retailers were emptied of the cards. Two weeks later we are still in the same situation.

IBM BlueGene still the top supercomputer in the world

The IBM BlueGene/L  supercomputer is still the best in the world according to the latest Top 500 Supercomputers list.  The list shows the recently updated Lawrence Livermore computer to have a massive 478 teraflops, that’s 478 trillion operations a second.  Coming in the number two spot is another IBM computer at a German research center with a “mere” 167 teraflops of power.

Asustek to push desktop version Eee PC next year

Hard-disk drive market rebounds in H2 07, says iSuppli

AMD goes against Nvidia’s Tesla with new stream processor card

AMD has unveiled a new supercomputing-targeted stream processor card that not only is the first of its kind to deliver double-precision capability, but also is tied to new low-level and high-level SDKs that promise to simplify general purpose GPU (GPGPU) application development.

AMD unable to introduce 2.6 GHz Phenom CPU by 2008 on barriers over 65 nm conversion

DRAM equipment makers divergent on DDR3 migration schedule

Rambus and Intel explore potential XDR partnership

Art Lebedev to offer LED keyboards for less than $500?

Almost half a year after concluding the pre-order phase of the $1564 Optimus Maximus keyboard, Art Lebedev announced that it will be allowing customers to pre-order sub-$500 and sub-$1000 “configurations” next week. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the first LED keyboards to ship.

Samsung adds a 24” HD LCD to lineup

If you are looking for more than just a 22” LCD, but aren’t ready to jump to a $1500+ 30” monster, then a monitor such as the Samsung’s new Syncmaster 245T could be worth to look at.

Elpida announces 65 nm 1 Gb DDR2 SDRAM