Leadtek announces TV capture card and high-end graphics card

Medium-size panel prices to raise 3-5% in H1 08

Memory module makers sharply reduce NAND flash inventory amid price slump

Dell's flagship Tablet PC unveiled

Round Rock (TX) - For a while it seemed like just a myth, but Dell's convertible Tablet PC has now been officially announced. The Latitude XT is Dell's first foray into the niche Tablet PC market.  Originally announced in the spring of 2006 and once slated for a November 2007 launch, the notebook still isn't quite available for sale, though.

Sun open-sources T2 processor

Sun has opened up the hardware design description of the T2 processor, which theoretically allows anyone to copy and rebuild the CPU. But, of course, Sun doubts this will happen and instead hopes that complete access to the CPU’s architecture will increase the interest of developers in its technology.

Boeing prepares tactical laser weapon for series of tests

Boeing plans to power up first 787 jet at the end of January

Chicago (IL) – Boeing today said it is making good progress on delivering the first plane in October of 2008 and expects power on the first fully assembled “Dreamliner” in January.      

AMD RS780 chipset to launch in January

OSD releases QVGA 5.7" TFT LCD

TSMC reports first 32 nm technology with functional SRAM

Taiwan makers consider forming standards-setting SSD alliance

Toshiba preps 128 GB SSDs for Q1

Tokyo (Japan) - Toshiba is the next data storage giant announcing its entry into the increasingly popular solid state disk (SSD) storage market.    

DisplayLink, Alereon cut the cord between the PC and the monitor

Desktop monitors could be going wireless soon with a wireless USB graphics adapter.

Intel to release dual-core Celeron E1000 on January 20

PSC chairman optimistic about 2008 DRAM market

Nokia to group its target markets into two mega distribution areas

ASRock creates new motherboards out of old parts

Gigabyte launches GeForce 8800 GT card

Intel adds low-end member to 4 series chipsets

Art Lebedev to offer OLED keyboards from $462

Chicago (IL) – If you found the $1564 price tag of Art Lebedev’s OLED keyboard to be outrageous, how does $462 sound? Of course you don’t get quite as many OLEDs for that.