Intel Core 2 Duo E7000 set for a Q2 launch

Intel is apparently set to begin transition the Core 2 Duo E4000 series with the new E700 series, which is based on the 45 nm Wolfdale core. According to reports, the company will launch the E7200 model with a clock speed of 2.53 GHz in Q2 of this year.

Micro HDDs not giving up: 40 GB models on the way

Flash memory devices have pretty much conquered the sub 1.8” mass storage market, but if you are looking for a lot of space for just a few bucks, then hard drives may still be worth a look. 40 GB in a CF II form factor are currently being prepped for a market release.

Western Digital: 1.8-inch HDD still requires further observation

CES 2008: Kopin claims smallest color SVGA display

CES 2008: Sharp looks to network HDTVs through power lines

CES 2008 – Intel’s Skulltrail promises godly performance

Intel’s upcoming Skulltrail platform promises almost divine performance thanks to its dual quad-core architecture.  At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Intel’s tech guru Francois Piednoel showed off a prototype Skulltrail-enabled Alienware system by blazing through several benchmarks.

CES 2008 – Dell’s Curve monitor is something to drool over

Las Vegas (NV) – Dell’s Alienware Curve monitor is definitely a sight to behold.  Crowds at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show lined up to see Crysis being played o the 3-foot wide curved screens.  The Curve can display 2880 by 900 pixels and has an incredible .02 millisecond response time.  

Lexar shows off SSD and special edition gaming memory

Las Vegas (NV) - We took a swing by the Lexar booth at CES to check out its Solid State Drive collection and a new color in its line of computer gaming memory.

Ritek licensed by Sonic Solutions to produce Qflix DVD discs

TI shows DualView technology for gamers on DLP products

CEA president calls for free trade at CES

Luminus exhibits LEDs in broad array of display products

Displaytech demos Pico- projector

ViewSonic unveils full lineup of displays, including LCD TVs, monitors and digital photo frames

SanDisk starts sampling 12 GB microSDHC card to mobile phone vendors

AMD teases next generation dual-processor graphics card

Las Vegas (NV) – In hushed tones, AMD employees gave us a ton of info on the upcoming R680 graphics card which will contain two graphics processors on one board.  Unfortunately, we have been sworn to secrecy and will forfeit our Blackberry phones (you can have our first-borns) if we disclose the specifications. AMD R680 board (we weren't allowed to photograph the back)

Behold.. the antique clock, mahogany wood, case mod

Las Vegas (NV) – We’ve seen a lot of case mods in our day, but nothing as beautiful as Jeffrey Stephenson’s creation at CES.  He’s managed to pack a VIA processor, motherboard and a touch-sensitive screen inside of a custom mahogany wood case.  The case was inspired by antique clock designs and the amazing thing is he built it with just a hand power drill.  

Mempile claims one TB can fit on a DVD-sized disc

Las Vegas (NV) – Sure CDs, DVDs and HD-DVD discs can hold a lot of data, but an Israeli start-up claims their discs can hold much more information.  The company says it has developed a “TeraDisc” made of transparent yellow plastic that can hold one terabyte of data and more.  Holding a mockup of the disc, Mempile founder and CTO Ortal Alpert gave us some juicy details.

Solid state is the new black, Intel’s SSDs

Las Vegas (NV) – Solid state drives may be the new black at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.  Dozens of companies are showcasing their newest, fastest and largest flash drives and Intel is no exception.  But while other companies are betting everything on removable drives, Intel is taking a different route by offering up small, fingertip-sized devices that can be soldered directly to the motherboard.

HP goes HD with notebook PC