Intel aiming to almost double notebook CPU shipments by 2011

Full HD TV prices falling faster than HD prices, says WitsView Technology

32" PDP boom may not last beyond 2008

ARM: Migration to 32-bit MCU is an industry-wide consensus

AMD: Barcelona fixed, 45 nm to ramp in H2

A clearly more upbeat AMD was able to report some positive news about its quad-core bug as well as the progress to roll out 45 nm processors.

Gigabyte to launch low-cost PC in June

AMD Xilleon CPUs get DivX support

UPDATE - AMD moving up launch of dual-GPU graphics card

Sunnyvale (CA) – Industry sources are telling us that AMD will be releasing its dual-processor R680 graphics card one week early.  The NDA on all the technical specs was due to lift on January 28th, but our source tells us this has been moved up to the 23rd.  We’ve yet to get a confirmation from anyone at AMD. AMD's R680 board 

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 CPU pushed back to Feb-March 2008 - sources

AMD to ship RS780 in China first due to driver issues

Digital camera and digital photo frame makers conservative about procuring small-size TFT-LCDs

EMC announces enterprise solid state disks

Solid state drives (SSDs) aren’t exactly new to users in enterprise and military environments, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the increasingly popular SSD segment is making advances to appeal to more customers in the enterprise field as well.

External SATA devices to drop power cables

Benchmark: Xeon quad-cores faster than Opterons, but AMD more power efficient

Intel Shelton'08-based low-cost notebooks to launch in Q3 08

AMD: Some Phenoms delayed to Q2, some pulled into Q1

AMD has clarified its desktop processor introduction plans late Friday, following media reports that certain Phenom CPUs would be delayed.

Mac Blog safari: Predictions abound for Macworld '08

Leadtek launches TV tuner card

Intel to add more segments in its naming scheme for Montevina CPUs

Wildcharge gives (almost) wireless power

Las Vegas (NV) – Most people hate carrying around charging cables and adapters, but Wildcharge is providing an alternative, almost cable-free, way to charge your cell phones, laptops and other gadgets.  Wildcharge has developed an electrified mat that charges almost anything that’s placed on it. The Wildcharge charging mat