Desktop Lust Update: Looking at the new AMD 4x4 Quadzilla and Intel V8

Analyst Opinion - Looking into buying a high-end AMD or Intel desktop monster? Here’s some food for thought on AMD’s and Intel’s fastest systems available today.

The CPU that Intel built just for Apple

Analyst Opinion – A little over two years ago, a verbal Intel beating was a standard part of every Steve Jobs Macworld keynote. Today, Apple owes a lot of its PC success to Intel and its heritage as a custom chip maker. Earlier this month, Jobs proudly announced that Intel developed a CPU just for him. Is he exaggerating? Is this yet another example of Jobs’ reality distortion field? Jon Peddie takes a closer look.

You actually may fall in love with virtualization

Analyst Opinion - Earlier this week Microsoft announced its Virtualization initiative and I’m sure most of you are so excited you can barely contain yourself. Maybe that’s a bit sarcastic but I am quite certain that virtualization sparks more ideas about World of Warcraft or Second Life than about laptops or desktops today. But virtualizing computers is a big idea and here is why you should care.

Does AMD’s Spider catch Intel’s Penryn in its Web?

Analyst Opinion - The fourth quarter, particularly after Black Friday, is particularly important to the PC industry. PCs are, for the first time in this decade, according to the CEA, at the top of the wish list for folks in the US and that indicates that volume should be very strong. While we often watch Apple, Dell, HP, Acer (Gateway), and Lenovo in this segment, the big fight is always between AMD and Intel.

Changing of the guard: Sony waxes while Apple wanes

Analyst Opinion - If you were watching these two companies over the last decade, you might wonder whether one of them was constantly giving the other either a cure or a disease. I can’t remember a time when both were at the top of their game – which is the case right now as well: In the portable music player market, Apple is weakening and Sony is suddenly looking like they are getting their game on.

Touch screen devices the trend in future tech

Opinion - Indianapolis (IN) - When Steve Jobs wrapped up the iPhone pre-product announcement on January 9 at MacWorld, 2007 with this comment: "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it's been," he may have been speaking more truth than he realized.  Since then, several upcoming portable touch screen devices have been seen on product roadmaps, including a very similar looking product from Intel at IDF 2007 called Moorestown.  

IDF: Tera-Scale project and petascale challenges

Opinion - As you walk along the three levels of West Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, you’ll eventually come across five areas Intel has provided at IDF 2007 which relate directly to the Tera-Scale Project. Some of these are showcase research efforts where the public could physically go and speak to the engineers working on this technology. And one of them showed the actual Tera-Scale machine in full swing.

The AMD Barcelona back story

Analyst Opinion – We have covered the launch of AMD's quad-core Opteron CPU extensively and talked about the good and the bad of the product introduction. What we haven't talked about are AMD's increasingly important relationships to its partners – which were highlighted during the launch event. Rob Enderle takes a look at this side of the story.

Generic CPU power efficiency claims are pointless, almost

Opinion - What do the power claims really mean? Is it just the power of illusion pulled over your eyes?

AMD's Barcelona introduction: A celebration without fireworks

Opinion – AMD officially pulled back the curtain on its Opteron quad-core processor with an event held at the San Francisco's Letterman Digital Arts Center, home to Star Wars creator George Lucas. But the "most anticipated premiere of 2007" turned out to be a mostly lifeless feel-good event for AMD and some of its closest partners, leaving us somewhat confused and wondering: Did AMD deliver?  

AMD is all in

Opinion - AMD's actions in recent quarters reveal a trend we can only describe as: all in. It's a poker term meaning AMD bet it all on Barcelona. But is Barcelona enough? Can AMD make it with this product as their flagship?

Follow-up: Has Intel found the key to unlock supercomputing powers on the desktop?

Opinion – Last week we posted an article entitled “Analysis: Has Intel found the key to unlock supercomputing powers on the desktop?” in which I discussed several facets of a potential Intel technology without going into too many of the technical details. At the time of our posting, Intel had not yet publicly released the paper describing the technology, which prevented me from going into certain details.

Computex Wars: AMD vs. Intel vs. VIA - and some unexpected implications

Analyst Opinion - At Computex this week we saw a new round of the battle of CPU manufacturers: Intel came out swinging hard, which further validated AMD’s ATI acquisition strategy. But AMD may have to make more tough decisions, including taking the company private. VIA also had a series of announcements, but I am starting to wonder if they are even relevant anymore.

What can you do with cyborg memory chips?

Opinion - In a case of science fiction turned reality, Israeli scientists earlier this week claimed that they have created artificial memory patterns on cultures of neurons.

Analyst opinion: Dell’s and Gateway’s gaming strategies compared

Dell and Gateway are getting more serious to capture market share in the PC gaming market. Rob Enderle has a look at both strategies and the products behind it.

Analyst opinion: Intel kicks laptops into high gear

There is a lot going on this week in terms of laptop PCs thanks to the arrival of Intel’s new Santa Rosa chipset. But this isn’t just about Intel, new AMD products are rolling to market as well and both come with refreshed graphics and storage options.

Analyst opinion: Putting the “Lust” back into a performance PC

Rob Enderle is wondering why we have 1000-horsepower cars on the street and aren’t shy showing off the performance of supercars, while we are hiding the performance of modern PCs under our desks. Why is it that PCs have to be boring and how would a Bugatti PC look like? Share your opinion with us!

Analyst Opinion: Apple is not real

You had to have your web browser on speed dial to keep up with Apple news in the past week: Contradicting and quite controversial reports made headlines, surprising with crashing iTunes sales and alleging that Apple owners are 55 years old, on average. Apple saw little need to refute any of the claims and there is a simple reason: Apple does not care - and doesn't have to.

Opinion: Can AMD reinvent the microprocessor?

Groundbreaking developments in the microprocessor space typically come along once a decade. Think about the Gigahertz race in the late 90s and the multi-core trend started last year. AMD is now convinced that multi-core may be a short-lived era and shifts towards what it calls "APUs." But: is it really a breakaway from multi-core and can AMD establish a new type of CPU all by itself?

Opinion: Intel losses mounting

This news story from TG Daily about AMD's post-ATI-merger rise in the semiconductor rankings should make Nvidia and Intel feel a little light-headed.