Plextor to launch two BD/HD DVD optical disc drives

SanDisk introduces 16 GB embedded flash

Micron samples 400 Mb/s mobile DRAM

Patent for textile-based electrodes awarded

Asustek announces X48 motherboards

Intel to launch X48 in mid March, sources claim

Kingston said to be cutting prices for NAND flash applications

AMD to showcase triple-core CPUs at CeBIT 2008, faster quad-cores a no-show

Eizo unveils 30" widescreen monitor with hardware calibration

LCD panel supply to be short in 2008, says HannStar

AMD to lower power usage of 45 nm processors

Mio announces partnership with Qualcomm to develop connected PNDs

First-tier makers unveil latest ATI Radeon 3000 series graphics cards

Everlight plans to commercialize automotive LED headlamp by Q3 08

GeCube launches Radeon 3870 X2 dual GPU cards

Nvidia to launch nForce 790i chipset in Q2

Epson starts volume production of new HTPS panels compatible with WXGA

Gigabyte and MSI announce X48 motherboards

AMD to showcase upcoming Phenom CPUs at CeBIT 2008

Shuttle launches Intel X38 small form factor PC