Qimonda announces technology breakthrough with DRAM roadmap to 30 nm

Intel planning large drops in old Centrino shipments

X Prize, Google set on 10 teams in $30 million race to moon

Intel to add more entry-level CPUs to Santa Rosa platform; SFF Montevina pricing revealed

SSD expected to make stronger showing in handheld devices than notebooks

Biostar launches GeForce 9-based card

Asustek rumored to have placed huge Sempron order, maybe planning low-cost AMD solution

HD DVD shutdown to accelerate 16:9 IT panel development, says AUO

AMD not fazed by impending Nvidia 9600 launch

Intel to cut 65 nm quad-core processor prices for 45 nm

Intel accelerates launch of its low-cost PC platforms

MIPS introduces 65nm HDMI IP

Corsair to put 2 GHz DDR3 memory into production

First GeForce 9 series GPU to be launched on Feb 21

Sony to invest $204 million to strengthen OLED panel technology

Intel Montevina platform to be named Centrino 2

Everlight introduces new XcelLED high-power LEDs

OSD introduces new 5.6" LED-based panel

Thermaltake PC hardware gets Nvidia ESA certification

LG.Philips LCD to launch 18.9" widescreen monitor panel in Q3