GPU makers to cross blades in June with the launch of Radeon HD 4800 and GeForce GTX 200

Mtron announces fastest SSDs in existence

VIA to adopt 45 nm process and launch dual-core CPU by the end of 2009

CPT 8.9-inch LCD panel capacity fully booked by Eee PC, 10-inch range panels on the way

LG Display develops elliptical and circular-shaped LCDs

Tom's Hardware to hold overclocking competition

What it takes to beat the speed of an 8-core Mac Pro by 50%

Samsung said to soon introduce 14.6-megapixel CMOS image sensor

Asustek and Gigabyte gear up for Intel P45 chipset launch

Sharp expands professional HD LCD monitor line

LG Display develops next-generation TFT printing technology

Sharp, IPS Alpha and LG Display take lead in cutting LCD TV panel prices

Samsung beats out STMicroelectronics for Nokia 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor orders

Dell to kill off most of its high-end XPS line

Intel's first SSD customer: Google

Biostar launches a nForce 750-based motherboard

MSI cuts into car electronics business

Cooler Master launches passive CPU cooler

Large internal memory in digital cameras not to become mainstream

Sony and BenQ to launch 22x DVD burners in Q3 08