Computex 2008: Shuttle showcases mini-PC solutions

Computex 2008: Nanya highlighting Elixir DDR3 memory modules

Computex 2008 opens doors: Focus on WiMAX, ICT Crossover, New Generation notebooks and Green IT

Computex 2008: Kingmax unveils SSD lineup, advanced memory cards

Kingston co-founder: DRAM makers have no way out

Supermicro announces motherboards with Intel G45 and G43 chipsets

IDC predicts 3 TB hard drives by 2012

WD updates 7200 rpm 2.5” hard drives

Cool down your fancy notebook: Cooler Master launches a design-focused brand

Biostar launches Intel 4-series-based motherboards

Lite-On IT lands OEM orders for 22x DVD burners from Sony and BenQ

Nvidia to shed light on its processor strategy at Computex

LCD driver IC design houses see weak demand from small- and medium-size panel makers

1 TB, Blu-ray compatible optical disc announced

Qimonda to introduce GDDR to 58 nm production by 2009

Sandisk-Qimonda joint venture moves handset MCP memory to volume production

Dual-core Atoms to enter mass production in July

Lacie announces external 4x Blu-ray writer

NAND flash makers progressing on advanced node

PQI-TDK JV introduces 1.8" SSD