Gigabyte, MSI and Leadtek launch Nvidia GeForce 200-based graphics cards

AMD to update its low-power CPU lineup

Intel to launch lower price quad-core CPU

RiTdisplay develops OLED touch panels

Storage and memory players address SSDs at Computex

Jerry Jones building a 11,000 square feet HDTV

Steve Jobs: it's time we design our own iPhone and iPod chips

AverMedia set to launch TV tuners for Apple

DRAM tester vendors ready for DDR3, but no crossover in sight yet

Intel says Nehalem on track

Lite-On IT to offer USB external slim DVD burners in Q3

Computex 2008: Nvidia joins VIA in celebrating Nano CPU and Mini-ITX 2.0 launch

AUO unveils convex curved display

Lonely GeForce 9300 motherboard spotted at Computex

LCD panel makers developing 17.3", 16:9 notebook panels

Samsung to produce 15.6" notebook panels

Computex 2008: Sandisk launches new SSDs for low-cost PCs

Computex 2008: Mio launches new GPS devices

HTC unveils HTC Touch Pro business handset

OCZ shows off 2133 MHz DDR3 memory