Gainward to launch AMD Radeon products

Gateway upgrades retail PCs to up to 6 GB of memory

VIA Pico-ITX motherboard integrates power supply

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX260 cards debut well above MSRP

MSI and GeCube unveil ATI Radeon HD 4870-based graphics cards

Intel optimistic about future nettop performance, but PC vendors not so sure

Nvidia releases public beta of PhysX driver

Nvidia just posted a public beta of a driver that sparked quite some controversy in recent days. Version 177.39 is currently the only version to support GeForce PhysX. Nvidia also mentioned that it will be releasing a 177.41 WHQL driver today, which, however, will not include PhySX supported, as it was built before version .39. The driver download links are:

Asustek and GeCube launch ATI Radeon HD 4850-based graphics cards

Intel to launch three Nehalem-based processors by the end of Q4

Solar cell investments to reach parity with semiconductor industry by 2010, says iSuppli

ASRock to push Intel P43-based motherboards

Larrabee will not launch during Siggraph

Asustek initiates price cuts for P45 motherboards

TI introduces lamp-free projector

First ATI Radeon HD 4850 reviews surface

AMD adds CrossfireX quad support to Open GL applications

Asustek launches overclocked GeForce GTX 200-series graphics cards

Sanyo claims first 4-LCD optical engine projector

Samsung said to have large batch of defective 68nm DRAM chips

Intel to reveal Nehalem clocking architecture details