Intel Bloomfield CPU pricing reveals pleasant surprise

Nvidia to launch Intel-based MCP7A IGP chipset in August

Lite-On IT expected to ship up to 5 million Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives in Q3

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Intel invents a new calendar, replaces Christ with Centrino

Nvidia reportedly scores QPI license while Intel gets SLI for X58 motherboards

Elpida develops power-efficient 2 Gb/s high-speed DDR3

Eee Box launches today in Hong Kong

Centrino 2 to launch on Monday

Albatron unveils GeForce 8-series graphics cards for PCI slots

Impinj acquires Intel's UHF RFID reader chip business

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AMD Radeon HD 4870 X2 ready by August

Blue LEDs with red and green phosphors may become mainstream for TV-use BLUs in 2009