SMIC develops 0.11-micron CMOS image sensor process technology

Nvidia lists SLI for Intel Nehalem platform licensees

FPD International 2008: CMO to debut new LCD panel technology

Worsening global economic problems push down LCD panel prices

Sony NEC announces 8x Blu-ray writer

Mobile Nehalem chips may come in late 2009

Intel adds a quad-core CPU to its embedded line

Intel preps more dual-core CPUs, Ibexpeak ready in Q3

Nvidia introduces GeForce 9400M for notebooks

Super Talent pimps Asus’ EeePC with a 64 GB SSD

Panasonic and Renesas jointly develop 32 nm SOCs

Green Energy Technology unveils thin-film solar modules

E-Ton Solar unveils new monocrystalline solar cells with 18.17% conversion rate

Albatron announces mini-ITX motherboard supporting AM2+ CPUs

Sony offers 8x BD burner

Toshiba to offer new 1.8" HDDs for use in notebooks in December

Super Talent to offer 128 GB SSD for under $300

ARM-based MID products to hit the market in 2009

MicroSDHC cards catch up with Apple iPhone flash capacity

Toshiba announces 256 GB SSD