Let your brain control your cellphone

Samsung is reportedly spending R&D money on developings ways to control a phone by the human brain.

Facebook gets its knickers in a twist

Facebook is in hot water after it refused to take down a fake page which claimed to be the Aussie ambassador to the EU.

Samsung feels environmental teeth

Samsung has been bitten on the rump by environmental watchdogs after it was caught using tin from Indonesia's Bangka Island in its products.

AMD puts its SoCs on

AMD has introduced a series of embedded chips based on the new Jaguar core and Radeon 8000 graphics.

California DMV to regulate driverless cars

Fully autonomous vehicles are hitting the streets around the United States. In fact, several major automotive and technology firms are testing self-driving cars already.

Wall Street tries to kybosh social networking privacy

Financial securities regulators are leading the charge against initiatives to prevent companies keeping tabs on employees' social media accounts, stressing that the potential for abuse takes urgency over worker privacy.

Lenovo tipped to buy IBM X86 business

Just as Lenovo started climbing the ladder to become a top PC seller when it picked up IBM's PC business, it is now rumoured to be in early discussion about buying Big Blue's x86 server business.

Big Data name of enterprise software game

A report from IDC said the market for enterprise software worldwide showed conservative growth during 2012.

Social media prompted cops to release bombers' pictures

Last week, thousands of people took to social media in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, hoping to help identify the perpetrators. 

Intel in All-in-One PC push

Intel is reportedly pushing a new all-in-one PC concept in an effort to boost sales and finally make AIOs mainstream. 

Cops call for Tor to be switched off

Japanese authorities are approaching ISPs in a bid to get them to switch off the Tor network.

Facebook tipped to be behind mega data center buy

For a while there has been speculation as to who is building what looks to be a super data centre in Altoona.

Apple sends phones back to Foxconn

Foxconn could be about to spend a quarter of a billion dollars replacing millions of faulty iPhones, dumped back on its heels by Apple.

Sales go awry for SAP in Asia

The maker of expensive management software, SAP, is having some trouble making sales in Asia.

Apple's revenues unlikely to surge

Opinion Tomorrow Apple is going to announce its results and it is starting to look like there will be few who will be cheering.

Google fights back against the taxman

Google has defended itself against allegations that it has been playing a game of tax evasion in the UK, claiming the nation is lucky to have the search engine working in the country.

Mars One astronaut selection starts today

The search to find the first humans to set foot on another planet begins in earnest today April 22, when Mars One launches its much-vaunted astronaut selection programme in New York.

Apple man relocates to AMD - confirmed

Our old friend  Raja Koduri, who was poached by Apple four years ago to head up its graphic stuff, has been re-poached by AMD, it has been confirmed.

Malware lurks in Google Play Store

Lookout has unearthed a new family of malware it is dubbing BadNews - which has emerged in the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Google gets ultimatum from Germany

Germany has issued an ultimatum to the search engine Google to start answering user questions via email or face the consequences.