Samsung runs out of Galaxy S4s before it's even launched

Samsung has claimed that it is likely to run out of its new Galaxy S4s and is facing overwhelming global demand.

Israel will read your emails

Israel's top legal official said that security officials at Ben Gurion airport are legally allowed to demand access to traveller email accounts and deny them entry if they refuse.

Video: Android-powered GameStick dev kit gets unboxed

PlayJam's Android-powered GameStick turned up on Kickstarter earlier this year, seeking money from the masses. 

HP takes aim at server market with Itanium a keystone

While many in the industry have been writing off HP lately, the maker of expensive printer ink says that it is about to make a comeback, but has made Itanium  part of its cunning plan.

Microsoft slashes prices on its hardware

Software giant Microsoft has realized that Intel’s dream of Ultrabooks is not proving that successful.

Smartphones to get cheaper and cheaper

As the smartphone juggernaut rumbles on, vendors are increasingly turning their efforts to emerging markets, with less disposable income and a much lower smartphone penetration rate.

More smartphones head into space

NASA has put three more smartphones into orbit on board of an Antares rocket. The tiny satellites were built in a standard cubesat frame and they were built using off-the-shelf components. They may very well be the cheapest satellites ever launched, Gizmag reckons.

BBC admits existence of other operating systems

The era where Apple fanboys at the BBC use license payer money to prop up Apple's tablet business, has finally come to a close. The BBC does not allow access to its programs worldwide. The UK charges anyone with a TV or other device a large license fee, with hefty penalties if people are found to be unlicensed.

MS Surface tablets go worldwide

Redmond is expanding Surface RT and Surface Pro availability to a number of new markets, including major emerging economies. 

Syrian tweet crashes stock exchange

Hacker fanboys of the Syrian strongman Bashar Hafez al-Assad managed to cause more damage to the US stock exchange than sticking a bomb in a pressure cooker.

LulzSec man arrested

Australian cops,  along with troopers, have fingered the collar of the cobber they believe was the top dingo in the International hacker outfit LulzSec.

ZTE coughs up on Microsoft patents

China's ZTE is paying Microsoft a royalty for devices it makes using Google Android and Chrome operating systems to make sure that it is not patent trolled out of business.

Lab Zero Games has spat with PayPal

Lab Zero Games, which raised over $800,000 online  so they could make more content for indie fighting game Skullgirls, is finding that it is at odds with its unwanted business partner Paypal.

Man tried to sell grandson on Facebook

Indian authorities have arrested a 47-year-old man who tried to sell his newborn grandson to a local businessman.

Mele showcases quad-core Android set-top box

Mele recently showcased its very first set-top box powered by an Allwinner A31 quad-core SoC.

WD enters hybrid hard drive market

Western Digital is entering the hybrid hard drive market in style, with an ultraslim 2.5-inch SSHD designed for Ultrabooks and other anorexic devices. 

Chinese government behind cyber espionage

According to a Verizon RISK report, hackers affiliated with the Chinese government accounted for some of the most brazen and successful cyber espionage plots last year.

Hedge fund boosts Microsoft's stock price

ValueAct Capital Management said that it had invested $2 billion in software giant Microsoft and that boosted its share price by 3.6 percent yesterday.

Salesforce boosts social networking

Salesforce has brought out which it reckons will transform advertising - being what it claims as the first social advertising application which integrates social ads with CRM.

Parallel database is the bee's whiskers

MIT researcher Todd Mostak has invented a new parallel database that allows for crunching complex spatial and GIS data in milliseconds.