IBM smashes the atom record

Scientists from IBM have created the world’s smallest film, made with thousands of atoms.

Snapdragon brand growth is Qualcomm's aim

Qualcomm is the leading supplier of mobile SoCs, but it is not content with its low key media image and it apparently wants to grow the Snapdragon brand.

Yahoo beaten up by the French

Search engine Yahoo has given up on a cunning plan to buy a majority stake in online video website Dailymotion after the French government said that it did not want the buyout to take place.

HP changes the fabric of the IT universe

HP has introduced a data center network fabric built on its FlexNetwork architecture.

It's going to rain tablets, hallelujah

Tablet makers are set to roll out the next generation of cheaper tablets over the coming weeks and it is now clear that competition in the cutthroat market will intensify in the second half of the year. 

Shock: Windows Phone 8 does pretty well

Microsoft missed out on the smartphone gravy train, but now it seems as if Windows Phone 8 might have a bright future after all. 

Wrinkly old people make better programmers

The industry perception that you have to be a freshly scrubbed schoolboy to be any good as a developer is rubbish, according to research.

Fujitsu gets the hell out of microcontrollers

Japan's Fujitsu is close to selling its mirocontroller chip business to Spansion.

Isaac Asimov invoked to save us from killer robots

Campaigners are calling for laws which are similar to Isaac Asimov's first law of robotics to prohibit the use of robots which can kill without a human control switch.

M-commerce gets IBM all excited

M-commerce is continuing to grow in the retail space, a report has suggested.

Entire state moves to open source

In a victory for the free software movement, the Spanish autonomous region of Extremadura has started to switch more than 40,000 government PCs to open source.

Man can't live without Google glasses

Arch-tech evangelist Robert Scoble posted a two-week review of Google Glass over the weekend - the do-no-evil company's approach to integrating technology into eyewear - and it is passionate to say the least, insisting that he barely took them off - except to go to sleep.

Text messaging displaced by social net apps

Web messaging services like WhatsApp have surpassed SMS text traffic for the first time ever, according to a report from Informa.

HTC crows over Galaxy S4 reception

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 went on sale last week and it got relatively positive reviews, but many of them have also been pretty tepid.

Bug messes up Apple iMessaging

Software geniuses at Apple have come up with a super new innovative feature which will make sure that its iMessaging service will be a game changer.

US Navy is vulnerable to cyber attacks

A Navy team of computer hacking experts found deficiencies when assigned to try to penetrate the network of the USS Freedom, the lead vessel in the $37 billion Littoral Combat Ship programme.

Gild works on Big Data algorithm

One of the reasons why talented programmers can't find work is that their CVs are being run past lazy HR people who can't be bothered thinking for a living.

Windows 8 tablets dogged by OS prices

Chinese white-box vendors will start churning out Windows 8 tablets in May and the ex-factory prices for 11.6-inch units are estimated at about $300. 

RAM shortage looms

It is starting to look like the IT industry will face a serious RAM chip shortage.

Activision's salaries questioned

A key watchdog has bitten the rump of the boss of Activision claiming that his fat cat salary is a little too much.