Copper thefts skyrocket as prices increase

Incidents of copper theft have skyrocketed in recent months as the price of the ductile metal continues to significantly increase in value.

Are ebooks are killing off textbooks?

If you were thinking eBooks wouldn't eventually kill off those heavy textbooks, you were wrong. Well, at least partly wrong.

NASA sues former Apollo astronaut

The U.S. government is suing former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell for attempting to sell one of  two cameras from the Apollo 14 lunar module Antares.

USAF wants mind-reading drones

Unmanned, remotely operated military drones are either loved and hated in almost equal measure, depending on who you ask, of course.

Could reprogrammable chips facilitate instant updates?

Just when you thought the iPad was the coolest item in your electronics arsenal, the iPad2 comes along and all of a sudden, the original iPad isn't as feature-rich as it seemed before.

Tiny projector could feature in cellphones

A projector small enough to be incorporated in a cellphone should be on the market next year.

Tegra talked out of CES finals

Despite his powerful gift of the gab, Nvidia’s Roy Taylor fell just short of winning CES’s prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” award for the firm’s sleek looking Tegra Tablet on Friday, as D-Link’s Boxee Box and Showwx’s Laser Pico Projector took joint first place.

Keep on, keep on taking the tablets

Shivering in a UK county that's only two degrees Celsius colder than the South Pole, I'm beginning to think that on the whole I'd rather be in Las Vegas.

Lady Gaga gets job for Polaroid

Polaroid said it has signed a deal with singer Lady Gaga. She'll be the creative director for specialist Polaroid imaging products.

Samsung goes for OLED displays at CES show

Giant Korean company Samsung is set to introduce a number of next generation OLED displays at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Vendors to push DDR3 this year

Manufacturers of DRAM are making aggressive attempts to ensure that DDR3 memory will be the mainstream memory this year.  

Robot hummingbird could find earthquake victims

The latest member of TGD's virtual menagerie is a robot hummingbird, designed to find people trapped in collapsed buildings, track down criminals, or even explore other planets.