DDoS attack spikes Amazon traffic

Posted by Aharon Etengoff

Source identified and mitigated

A number of Internet sites, including those run by Amazon, recently fell victim to a DDoS attack that caused a brief outage in service. ?

Neustar Inc, which runs the UltraDNS service, told the Wall Street Journal that the disruption lasted for an hour and affected Internet users in Northern California.

"Immediately we identified it and put mitigation measures into effect," said Neustar spokesperson Allen Goldberg.

According to Goldberg, the company noticed an unusual spike in traffic at approximately 7:45PM EST on December 23rd. During the

denial-of-service attack, web surfers in Silicon Valley and other parts of northern California received an error message or delayed response from multiple websites that used the UltraDNS directory service.

Goldberg also noted that the attack "was not focused on one particular site or another."

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