Microsoft Bing grows its market share a bit

  • The latest report from Comscore shows that Bing is edging its way upward in the search engine market in October.

    But it's not at Google's expense - it appears to be Yahoo that's suffering.

    According to Comscore, Google searches grew by 0.5 percent in October, and so did Bing - but Yahoo fell by .8 percentage points.

    Here are the market shares for searches in the US core market.

    Core Search EntityShare of Searches (%)
    September 09October 09Shift Sep-October
    Total Core Search100%100%n/a
    Google sites64.9%65.4%0.5
    Yahoo sites18.8%18.0%-0.8
    Microsoft sites9.4%9.9%0.5
    Ask Network3.9%3.9%0.0
    AOL Network3.0%2.9%-0.1

    The report said that Americans conducted 14.3 billion searches in October, three percent up on the previous month. Google accounted for 13.5 billion search queries, Yahoo 2.7 billion queries and Microsoft 1.5 billion searches. Bing showed an eight percent increase - up to 1.2 billion searches.