Phenom II overclockers shatter 7GHz barrier

  • AMD has released an HD video chronicling the exploits of Phenom II overclockers who managed to shatter the infamous 7GHz clock barrier.

    "This video depicts the herculean efforts of the vastly under-appreciated overclocking community," AMD spokesperson Simon Solotko told TG Daily. "These people do lots of great work, but unfortunately, overclockers typically make less in a year than a tennis star does for one game. To us, though, overclockers are the heros of the HPC world."

    According to Soltko, overclocking is an "extreme sport" that offers a valuable "sneak peek" into the future of computing.

    "Why do they do it? Some face economic difficulty and want to squeeze as much performance out of the chip as they can. Others want a challenge. Whatever the reason, there are at least 15,000 dedicated overclockers who take their work very seriously," said Solotko. "We at AMD have done our level best to accommodate the community by removing the barriers that have traditionally prevented overclocking."

    Solotko also noted that the "golden days" of computing have not ended.

    "Nostalgia aside, we are still living in the 'golden days' of computing. AMD hasn’t stopped innovating and there are many more memorable and magical moments to experience."

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