Lenovo notebooks sync with Blackberrys in sleep mode

  • Chicago (IL) - A Lenovo Constant Connect accessory card revealed today will allow Lenovo notebooks to maintain sync to Blackberrys, allowing updated emails through the owner's Blackberry, even when they're in "sleep mode."

    Available as a $150 add-on for the notebook, the device will go on sale in 2Q'2009, with the rest of the world seeing it "later this year." Initially, the device will only work with Microsoft's Outlook email client, however it will eventually work with IBM's Lotus Notes, according to Rick Cheston, executive director at Lenovo.

    The Constant Connect card connects to a Blackberry via Bluetooth wireless technology, caching the new email in its built-in flash memory. When the computer is re-activated, a software program polls the card to determine what new email has been received. It immediately deposits it in Outlook (and eventually Lotus Notes) to keep everything in sync.

    ThinkPads made as recently as last summer will be compatible with the card. And whereas it is possible to maintain this kind of synchronization today via Bluetooth and cell phones, the process is more complex than Lenovo's solution, according to the company.

    See AP Digital's original article republished on USA Today.