Comcast testing free Wi-Fi service for its NJ cable subscribers

  • Chicago (IL) - Cable subscribers near NJ Transit commuter rail stations are getting special attention from Comcast these days. Sources inside the company reveal they've teamed up with Cablevision's free Wi-Fi service and are testing a trial offering to railway commuters. Regular Comcast customers will be able to access the Wi-Fi hotspots free of charge by using their Comcast username and password.

    Speeds are reportedly in the 1.5 Mbps range, which is comparable to at-home DSL. While these tests are taking place in New Jersey, they are not part of the recent ClearWire WiMAX 4G network installation or launch. WiMAX is a form of Wi-Fi-like wireless that operates well even at 10 mile distances. Wi-Fi, as most know, typically operates for only a few hundred feet.

    Comcast is America's largest cable operator, and is based out of Philadelphia, PA. They are currently working on their 50 Mbps rollout which they claim will reach 10 million homes in within the next few months. Meanwhile Chartered Communications announces a 60 Mbps service.

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