Cisco unwraps new edge router

  • Cisco Systems announced the ASR 9000 edge router that they hope will improve wireless access to the Internet. Cisco promises that the new device will provide six times the capacity of competing products.

    An edge router is a router that provides connectivity between a major ISP network and, in many cases, a skirting wireless network. This is the case in many areas where traditional cabled internet cannot reach to outlying districts, where wireless applications provide a suitable alternative to dial-up.

    The ASR 9000 will start at around $80,000 and will come in six and ten slot variations. Suraj Shetty, vice president of marketing for Cisco's worldwide service provider marketing organization, points to the ability to store, for example, videos at the edge of a network rather than towards the center, which will allow for faster transfer times to consumers and less pressure on the network.

    Cisco noted that several US and European ISP’s are already testing the ASR 9000.

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