Google jumps on the bandwagon - now an OpenID provider

  • Chicago (IL) - OpenID seems to be having quite the week: Following its adoption by Microsoft, Google has joined the party and offers a similar plan. OpenID is a method of using a single digital persona or identity to use Internet services, regardless where you are on the Internet.

    Google said it will enable its web service to join a limited test of an API based on the OpenID 2.0 protocol that will allow the users of Google Accounts the option of signing into websites utilizing their Google credentials without having to sign up for a new account on other sites.

    Other launch partners included in this new API are Zoho, Plaxo, and Buxfer.

    Google also announced that it intends to combine the OAuth and OpenID protocol so that a service does not just request a user’s identity using OpenID, but also requests to access any information available via OAuth-enabled APIs like Google Data APIs and other standard data formats like Portable Contacts and OpenSocia REST APIs.

    Other large companies that previously announced OpenID support include Yahoo, Microsoft, Myspace and AOL.

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