G-mail hit by outages

  • Mountain View (CA) - G-mail, Google’s web-based e-mail client was aching yesterday, full of issues and outages. Last week, a significant outage left many of Google’s customers without access to their e-mail and other Google web services for hours. Since then, the service has been spotty.

    According to different blog posts and Twitter sites, users of Gmail, in all different areas of the world, but mainly in the New York area are reporting e-mail outages. They also claim that they are seeing a reduced function of the service. Apparently, customers are experiencing issues with items such as IMAP access, slow loading pages, threads not working correctly, and even the Gmail site is occasionally not loading at all and shows a blank page as a result.
    Last Thursday night, Google experienced a complete outage to its Google Apps Premier Edition Service (GAPE). GAPE is a paid service typically utilized by businesses. This outage lasted for more than 24 hours, angering many customers.

    Google did not comment on the outages.