First U.S. WiMax network to launch on October 8

  • Chicago (IL) – Ending a string of delays, Baltimore will become the first U.S. city with a WiMax network. Intel said it will be hosting a launch event throughout the Bond Street Wharf Park in Baltimore on October 8.  

    The never-ending story of the rollout of WiMax in the U.S. is seeing some light. Originally scheduled for a late 2007 introduction, Xohm delayed WiMax mostly because of its financial troubles. A group of companies created a new foundation for WiMax in May and Xohm noted in July that it would introduce WiMax in September. Now we know it will be October, but the good news is clearly the wireless broadband technology, often described as 4G, is finally here.

     “Select” U.S. cities, including Chicago and Washington, D.C., are expected to receive WiMax service later this year, with the majority following in 2009 and 2010, Xohm said.

    There was no information on WiMax devices Xohm will be offering and how much access to the WiMax service will cost.