Jailed San Francisco IT admin gives up codes, still jailed

  • San Francisco (CA) –San Francisco network admin Terry Childs is still behind bars despite giving Mayor Gavin Newsom the codes to the city’s routers and switches.  Childs is accused of password protecting the city’s FibreWAN network infrastructure and not giving access to anyone else.  Despite the fact that the network is running just fine, city attorneys argue that Childs is still a threat to society.

    Prosecutors allege that Childs also installed remote monitoring software to scan messages between his supervisors and the city’s human resources department.  Childs had been under investigation for poor work performance and was in the process of being fired when he locked up the network.  Childs’ defense attorney argues that protecting the network was his job and that his level of administrative access was authorized by his superiors.

    Childs faces one count of forbidding access to a network and three counts of unlawfully installing remote access software.  The judge has set his bail at a massive $5 million.

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