Prime Minister’s office says Blackberry merely lost, not stolen

  • London (England) – A Blackberry belonging to a high-ranking government aide was merely lost in China, according to the UK Prime Minister’s office.  A senior aide to Gordon Brown reported his Blackberry missing after he met an attractive Chinese woman at a Shanghai disco.  He took her back to the hotel (ahem) and then reported the device missing the next morning.

    Initially some government officials suspected the aide was the target of Chinese secret police hell bent on stealing his precious Blackberry – in what is called a “honey pot” trap – but now an anonymous employee at the office tells the International Herald Tribune that the Blackberry was probably lost at the disco.  Oh, that just makes it so much better now doesn’t it?

    According to the Prime Minister’s office, Blackberry devices used by officials cannot contain classified information.

    While many people just love their Blackberries, the devices contain a treasure trove of information that could be valuable to foreign governments.  Back in April, a Mexico press attache was accused of stealing six Blackberry devices.  He was caught just before getting on an airplane to Mexico.