UK’s most spammed person bombarded with 44001 emails a day

  • London (England) – Spam emails are the scourge of any Internet user, but chances are your email inbox isn’t bombarded with nearly as many emails as one British man.  Colin Wells, a workshop foreman, has been named England’s most spammed person by anti-spam provider ClearMyMail.  Wells receives 44001 spam emails a day and that works out to about 16 million messages a year, but thankfully, he doesn’t have to worry about clearing the spam messages because ClearMyMail does that task for him – a task that used to take almost two hours a day for Mr. Wells.

    ClearMyMail collected spam statistics and released a list of the top 5 most spammed people in England.  The company calculated the spam by tracking how many spam emails were blocked by its software program.  These unfortunate folks were hit with an average of 33612 emails a day or approximately 12.2 million a year.  Even the last place finisher in this horrible race received an average of 3600 spam emails a day.

    Countries around the world, including the United States, have enacted tough laws with huge fines and promises of prison time against spam email senders.  Just last month, MySpace won a landmark judgment of $6 million against the so-called ‘King of Spam’ Scott Richter.  Other service providers have won similar judgments against other spam peddlers, but these victories have been largely symbolic as its difficult to collect from someone who either doesn’t have the money or is hiding overseas.

    What I want to know is how a workshop foreman gets 44,000+ spam emails a day … I mean he must be visiting some pretty interesting websites.

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