IE8 beta 2 coming in August, Firefox 3 RC2 tomorrow

  • Redmond (WA) – Microsoft today said that it will be rolling out the second beta of Internet Explorer later this summer and make the software available in 20 languages. Meanwhile, it appears that the Mozilla team has hit roadblocks, which prompted the developers to delay its next-gen browser. There will be at least one more release candidate before Firefox 3 final can be downloaded.

    The second beta of Internet Explorer 8 will follow about five months after Microsoft provided a first glimpse of the new software in March of this year. According to the company, IE8 beta 1 has been downloaded more than two million times so far. Beta 2 is promised to bring “significantly improved standards support and developer platform investments with enhanced user experiences.” The company recommends websites to take advantage of new features in IE8, including Activities and Web Slices, to prepare for the launch of IE8 beta 2. IE8 also offers full support for CSS 2.1.

    Microsoft said that it will be offering IE8 beta 2 in 20 languages, up from only five for IE8 beta 1.

    It appears that Microsoft’s beta browser is still far behind Mozilla’s Firefox 3, which was widely expected to be released within days. However, the organization decided to delay its “Download Day” and issue a second release candidate. Firefox 3 RC2 is scheduled to become available tomorrow, June 4.

    According to Mozilla developer Mike Beltzner, “there is sufficient need to produce a new Release Candidate of Firefox 3 before shipping.” However, Mozilla still believes that it will be releasing Firefox 3 this month and targets a “mid-June release date” at this time.