Mexican press attaché steals six BlackBerries from US officials, calls it an accident

  • New Orleans (LA) – Mexico’s press attaché was caught stealing a half-a-dozen BlackBerry devices from American and Canadian government officials, but he says it was all an accident.  The theft happened at a summit of US, Canadian and Mexican leaders in New Orleans.  Members of the delegations were instructed to leave all of their electronic devices at the door and it appears Rafael Quintero Curiel had some sticky fingers.

    Curiel is Mexico’s lead press advance person and apparently just took six or seven BlackBerry handheld devices from a table.  US Secret Service agents reviewed surveillance tape which clearly showed Curiel taking the devices.  Fortunately the agents caught Curiel at the airport, just as he was about to board an airplane out of the country.

    According to Fox News, Curiel initially denied taking the devices, but recanted his story after being shown video of the theft.  He now says it was all an accident (yeah six Blackberries just happened to fall into your coat pocket).

    Mexican government officials say Curiel will be asked to tender his resignation.

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