Netgear touts “metamaterial” antennas and NAS

  • Las Vegas (NV) – If we had to give the “Most Likely to Smoke Crack” award to a presenter, Netgear’s VP of Product Marketing, Vivek Pathela, would definitely get the award.  Pathela managed to hold the attention of a packed room of reporters for 45 minutes as he showed off the latest and greatest networking products – and trust me, trying to wow reporters is a pretty tough thing to do.  Perhaps the most interesting development is Netgear’s inclusion of “metamaterial” antennas that will give extra range, bandwidth and directionality to all of the company’s future wireless products.

    These metamaterial antennas can detect where fringe clients are located and then use extra power to beam data in that direction.  The antennas can also detect competing networks and turn down power to not interfere.  One of the first products to use these antennas will be the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router.  This router will also have the unique capability to simultaneously use the 2.4 and 5 GHZ bands.  Netgear will sell the RangeMax router for $130.

    Netgear also introduced its new Home Networking Kit, the HD/Gaming 5Hz Wireless-N Networking Kit.  This kit actually contains two units, both with two Ethernet ports.  They bridge wired devices like gaming consoles and HD television sets to your wireless router and also use the upcoming metamaterial antenna.  Netgear claims you can stream HD video and gaming over wireless without jitter.

    If data protection and redundancy is your thing, then the upcoming ReadyNAS Duo may fit your fancy.  This device mirrors two internal hard drives and can be accessed from the Internet.  The ReadyNAS will sell in several configurations from a bare kit with no drives to models with single and dual drives.

    In a dramatic demonstration, Pathela wireless streamed HD video to an Xbox 360 and an HD television set, all while running Bittorrent on the ReadyNAS.  He then pulled one of the ReadyNAS drives and exclaimed, “See no glitch!” as he pointed to the still running videos behind him.