Microsoft’s HD Photo format gets Corel support

  • Corel today said that its Paint Shop Pro X2 image editing software now integrates support for Microsoft’s HD Photo format, previously known as Windows Media Photo (WMP).  

    HD Photo made its public debut as a plug-in for Photoshop CS2 and CS3 in March of this year. In our first look at the potential advantages of the format, HD Photo may be a bit ahead of its time, as it does not offer substantial benefits over the generally accepted and widely available JPEG format in consumer photography applications.

    However, HD Photo is capable of storing and displaying more information than JPEG, while requiring significantly less storage space than the professional RAW or even TIFF formats. Especially when it comes to high-dynamic range (HDR) photography, an upcoming feature in digital cameras that will allow photographers to simultaneously shoot and combine multiple photos with varying aperture and shutter settings, could highlight the advantages of the HD Photo format. Compared to lossless 32-bit TIFF images, HD Photo provided up to 70% more storage efficiency in our tests.