Microsoft's November update patches one critical bug, one other bug

Posted by Mark Raby

Redmond (WA) - Microsoft issued its monthly security bulletin this week, this time just patching two known issues.

The main glitch noted in the update is rated "critical" by Microsoft.  It deals with a vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 that allows hackers to use malicious code to take over an unsuspecting victim's computer.

Symantec responded to the threat by saying it "is concerning as it's a publicly known issue that puts computer users at risk."

The software giant also has an update under the "important" designation, which is the second-highest rating.  This bug only affects users of Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, and it opened the door for hackers to trick the computer into going to a malicious website by making it think it's going to a legitimate site.

Users can download the updates at or through Microsoft's automatic update download service.