Internet2 showcases interoperability of Dynamic Circuit network

  • Reno (NV) – Internet2 said it will provide some insight at future tiered network capacities by demonstrating its Dynamic Circuit technology at the supercomputing conference SC07.

    Application-tailored bandwidths within closed and open networks are making a huge step forward with dynamic circuit networks (DCN), a technology that is currently being rolled for the Internet2. Rather than traditional IP networks that equally divide the capacity of a network to all requesting applications, a DCN can provide on-demand or scheduled dedicated point-to-point bandwidth to specific applications with specific bandwidth requirements.

    At SC07, Internet2 representatives plan to demonstrate the interoperability of its DCN with other DCNs using the Inter-Domain Controller (IDC) protocol, which was developed by Internet2 in collaboration with GEANT2, and ESnet and is considered as the standard for interoperable dynamic circuit networking today.  

    In a prepared statement Internet2 chief technology officer Rick Summerhill, said “creating standardized protocols to link optical networks across domains is a major step toward creating a ubiquitous dynamic circuit infrastructure that can seamlessly support the research of today, and of the future." However, while DCNs are purely limited to research organizations in the foreseeable time, the technology also make its way into the commercial field, enabling Internet service providers to creating a new generation of tiered Internet solutions.

    Internet2 believes that the benefits of DCNs will begin to surface as a result of experiments that produce massive amounts of data. For example, particle collision experiments in Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are expected to create petabytes of data every year. Networks that can provide dedicated bandwidths for such applications could make the access and analysis of data substantially more efficient.

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