ooma Review: P2P VoIP with a risky twist

  • It seems like barely a day passes where I don’t receive a solicitation from someone who wants to sell me inexpensive, Internet-based phone services. Whether it’s the saturation level of TV ads for Optimum Online’s triple play, the regular calls I get from Comcast telemarketers, TV ads for Vonage, or letters from Verizon imploring me to "come back," I certainly have a plethora of choices for flat rate, "all you can call" plans.

    With the exception of Verizon, each of these services depend on using your Internet or cable connection to connect your call to a back-end service provider such as Level 3 or Global Crossing who ultimately "terminates" your call to the number you dialed. Each of these services also shares something else in common—a monthly bill that ranges from about $20–$40/month.

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