Firefox jumps to version

  • Mountain View (CA) - Mozilla has kicked off the month of November with a brand new Firefox update, patching issues that were found in the previous release.

    "The release fixed some 200 issues, but accidentally regressed a few things," wrote Mike Beltzner, head of Mozilla's user experience department, in the company's official blog.

    Most users probably won't notice any visible changes with the update, said Beltzner, because the updates just fix a couple minor performance problems that arose with the security patches in

    Among the fixes are clearer Java error messages in Windows Vista, disabling add-ons by default after a new update is downloaded, and a couple issues that plagued web developers with unfinished JS/CSS code.  Beltzner also warned that some issues will not be fixed in the new update, including a bug that causes an entire image map to disappear when a single element from it is removed, and a problem that makes some Windows users "experience crashes at startup."

    Firefox users will receive a pop-up message notifying them of the update the next time they open the browser, if they have not already.  It is also available to download from

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