Yahoo upgrades messenger with multimedia features

  • San Francisco (CA) - Yahoo announced today that it is adding a handful of new features to its instant messenger application, allowing bigger file transfers and new media playback integration.

    A test version of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 is now available, and as part of the update the application now carries support for the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and Vietnam, pushing the total number of international markets to 25.

    With the upgrade, users can now have larger icons to associate with each of their contacts, and it has embedded new technology to allow sending of images and video clips directly into the message box.

    Additionally, Yahoo says it has made file transfers quicker and now allows for users to send bigger files than before.

    Yahoo has around 27.7 million IM users, according to the latest Comscore tracking numbers, putting it fairly close to the market leader AOL, which has 30.2 million users.