Linspire desktop operating system pushed to version 6.0

  • San Diego (CA) - Open source OS specialist Linspire announced today that it has upgraded its desktop Linux platform.

    The new operating system, version 6.0, adds additional drivers, codecs, and software to the open source package.  These include drivers for video and Wi-Fi, as well as Flash, Java, and Real Media.

    Based on Ubuntu distribution, it is the first version of the software to incorporate the newly minted patent covenant coverage agreement that Linspire signed with Microsoft earlier this year.

    It incorporates Windows Media and Open XML technologies that allow Open Office to open .docx files, the new extension created for Microsoft Word 2007 documents.

    It is being pushed as the first real consumer-targeted Linux OS.  "Linspire 6.0 further bridges the gap between open source and commercial software, combining the best from each into a single easy-to-use, familiar and productive operating system," said Linspire CEO Larry Kettler.

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