IOGEAR Wireless USB Hub and Adapter Review: Deja Vu all over again

  • Last winter, Belkin finally started to ship its "Cable Free USB" Hub that the company announced at the 2006 Consumer Electronics show. The delay was caused by Freescale’s quiet exit from the UWB market, which left Belkin (and other companies) scrambling to redesign products based on "Cable Free" UWB technology, which Freescale had been championing.

    But the long wait hardly seemed worth it, since the first-generation hub-and-dongle Cable Free USB products operated at speeds around 1 MB/s—about 10x slower than wired USB.

    Fast-forward to almost one year later, and the alternative technology that killed "Cable Free"—Certified Wireless USB (CWUSB)—is finally making its market debut. Of course, CWUSB, which was championed by Microsoft, Intel, HP, and other members of the WiMedia Alliance, isn’t interoperable with Cable Free, but this hardly matters, since "Cable Free" devices will disappear as existing inventories are depleted.