Real Networks deals with Sonic for DVD burning

  • Novato (CA) - Sonic Solutions announced today that it has licensed its AuthorScript technology to Real Networks to allow users to create DVDs from Real Media files.

    Real has launched a new version of its free RealPlayer to incorporate the technology.  Users can burn video CDs with the basic software, or for an upgrade of around $30, they can create customized DVDs.

    The RealPlayer application allows users to transfer any supported video format to disc, including Internet formats.  For example, Real says users can burn DVDs from Flash-based videos, a format that is usually only accessible through specially coded Internet portals.

    "Providing consumers with the control and flexibility to view, save and experience online video whenever and wherever they choose is a key focus for how Real is approaching the Internet video revolution," said Real vice president Jeff Chasen.

    However, users cannot burn videos if they have DRM (digital rights management) protection.

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