Microsoft touts deployment of its high-definition video encoder tools

  • Microsoft said that its VC-1 Encoder tools have been integrated into several software packages that allow production studios to create high-definition video content for publication on the Internet or HD DVD and Blu-ray optical media.

    Among the first companies offering VC-1 support are Anystream's Agility, Envivio's 4Caster C4, Harmonic's Rhozet Carbon Coder and Carbon Server, Inlet Technologies' Fathom and Spinnaker, Memory-Tech's Digital Movie Factory Pro HD, Tarari's Encoder Accelerator for Windows Media as well as ViewCast's Niagara SCX Pro and Streaming Systems. Also, Microsoft said that the recently announced CreateSpace service will take advantage of the VC-1 encoder; Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Marketplace also has adopted the SDK.

    The VC-1 Encoder was first released commercially within Sonic Solution's CineVision PSE, a parallel encoding solution for HD DVD and Blu-ray.