Fujitsu announces fingerprint security for Windows

  • Sunnyvale (CA) - In an online world dominated by endless user names, passwords and answers to security questions, the idea of simple yet effective security has not been perfected yet.  Fujitsu Microelectronics has introduced a fingerprint kit which takes a big step in the right direction:  it works in Windows and it's easy to integrate.

    Many new laptops are sold today with built-in fingerprint scanners, yet the software to take advantage isn't always intuitive or even obvious.  With this new software development kit, however, programmers can now begin creating software which adds fingerprint security seamlessly even into existing applications.  And whereas the personal privacy crowds may not like the idea of such a staunch digital intrusion into their lives, the real need for enhanced security continues to grow.

    Fujitsu's software incorporates algorithms for both verification and identification.  It uses an 8-bit 500dpi touch sensor.  Such resolutions are at forensic quality and allow their software to adapt for wet, dry or even damaged fingers.  Software libraries are available for licensing in 32-bit static or dynamic form.  Programming examples come in Visual C++, C#, VB and even HTML.  This out-of-the-box solution would allow new software to add fingerprint security with very little design time.  This makes its potential acceptance as a regular security feature much more plausible.