Intel to debut 45 nm Harpertown quad-core CPU with up to 3.16 GHz

  • Chicago (IL) – Some technical specifications about Intel’s upcoming 45 nm Xeon DP processor generation have reached the web. According to a partial slide posted by VR-Zone, the new quad-core CPU will be available with up to 3.16 GHz.

    Harpertown, which will succeed the current 65 nm Clovertown processors (Xeon 5300 series), will receive 5400 sequence number, with X, E, and L letters indicating performance, regular and low-power versions of the CPU.

    The mainstream lineup (80 watts) will reach from the E5405 with a clock speed in the low 2 GHz range up to the E5450 with 3.0 GHz. The X5460 will clock in at 3.16 GHz and will be rated at a thermal design power of 120 watts. Intel also plans to introduce two low-power versions, rated at 50 watts, with 2.33 and 2.66 GHz speeds (L5410 and L5430). All Harpertown processors will include a 12 MB L2 cache, up from 8 MB in Clovertown. The front side bus is expected to be a FSB1333 version across the board, while the slide published by VR-Zone still indicates that the E5405 could run at a slower clock speed.

    The dual-core version of the CPU, code-named Wolfdale, apparently will be available with processor speeds of 1.86 GHz and 3.33 GHz (both rated at 65 watt TDP). There will also be a 3.16 GHz low-power version of the processor, running at 40 watts.

    Harpertown and Wolfdale are expected to launch late in Q4 of this year.

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