Microsoft preps new version of Windows Live OneCare security package

  • Redmond (WA) – Microsoft is gearing up to release the first major upgrade to its security software Windows Live OneCare. The beta of version 2.0 is available as a free download.

    The released beta version of Windows Live OneCare, first introduced in May of last year, provides a glimpse of Microsoft’s strategy how to protect consumers from malware and how to prevent data loss. According to the company, the new software is mainly responding to an environment in which most of the homes in the U.S. are believed to have an average of 2.5 computers – and not just one.   

    The firm promises that OneCare 2.0 will make it easier for users to take care of the “extra work associated with connecting devices and securing networks” through tools that assist users in multi-PC and home-network management. For example, a new will show the information about the security and maintenance of networked computers, Microsoft said.

    Also included is a centralized backup feature that will not only backup data from one PC, but all networked computers that are covered by the same OneCare subscription, with the data from all PCs backed up to a central location. According to the company, the new backup is designed to avoid unintended data loss, such as the accidental deletion of images. Customers will also have the choice to back up data to an off-site location in Windows Live Folders, which the company said will be offered at an extra cost.

    OneCare 2.0 continues to provide performance optimization features that will include “proactive fixes and recommendations” notifications, a new start-time optimizer as well as monthly reports that summarize key activities and recommended actions for all PCs in a local network.

    Users can access the beta software for free through the Live beta sign-up page. Microsoft did not say when the final version of the package will be available.