AMD announces arrival of HD 2400 and 2600 graphics cards

  • Sunnyvale (CA) – AMD has announced the imminent arrival of its HD 2400 and 2600 mainstream graphics cards.  You may remember the mainstream cards from our posting about AMD’s Tunisia press event.  At the time we were quite impressed with the low power consumption of the cards and the low price, but those prices have dropped even lower.

    At the time, AMD told us that the 2600 line would sell for around $100 to $200 while the 2400s would retail for $99 and less.  Now AMD says the 2600 will go for $89 to $149 dollars and the 2400 will be a complete steal at $50 to $85 dollars.

    The cards have integrated high-definition decoding called Unified Video Decoder, an HDMI port and audio output.  Performance-wise the 2600 should compare with the Nvidia's 8600 while the 2400 should compete with the 8500 and 8400.

    The 65 nm cards use much less power than previous generations with the 2600 pulling in 45 watts while the 2400 uses a miserly 25 watts.

    The high-end HD 2900 cards have been around for a month now and currently cost around $425 to $450 each.  These cards are made with an older 80 nm process and draw much more power – 215 watts worth.